The Intention of Yoga Plantation

Yoga Plantation, is a consciousness cultivating enterprise created with the intention of planting seeds of awareness with our inspiring products and services. Our mission is to support transformation and energetically move the planet, one person at a time, into harmony with our true nature: Peace.

Guided by the mission to positively contribute to change on a global scale, we offer products and create inspiring spaces as exclusive sanctuaries in the midst of daily living to support the developing whole person. The importing aspect of our business is another way we connect and create relationships internationally while bringing unique gifts to our clients from around the world.

Why "Yoga Plantation?" A plantation is a place for the planting of seeds and the cultivation of that which has been planted and yoga means union. Essentially, we are creating meditative places, bringing together people, and offering things to benefit the blossoming emergence of who and what we all really are. We cater to sophisticated, eccentric tastes in boundless ways, including only that which is truly beneficial and in support of Self-cultivation and awakening.

Yoga Plantation is intimate, sacred spaces with soul-nourishing products and services created with the pure intention of consciously cultivating Health, Happiness, and Wholeness.

Signature Spa Body Products

Escape to places where beauty and well-being converge We invite you to experience our unique, signature line of spa products created to calmly awaken your true essence with an inspiring blend of essential oils. Nourishing, cleansing, and sophisticated, our soy candle, body butter, lotion, bath salts, and incense are perfect for daily use at home and the office. Coming Soon 2008: Sugar & Salt Scrub, Linen Spray, Soap, Massage Oil and Air Diffuser. All items can be purchases direct from our web site at

HOME by Yoga Plantation

We Presents our Home Furniture & Accessories Sale Pieces include: Teak, benches, teak chairs,wooden & bronze statues, terrazzo vases, medium cabinets, armoire, credenza, garden carved stone alter caves, stone garden pots, a variety of bamboo and many more. Private viewing by appointment only, feel free to call or email us. Stay tuned for our store location in Los Angeles, CA. Many of the furniture can be purchased on our website at Our pieces have been individually hand selected for your enjoyment of bringing you a pieces of the Balinese culture for you to experience.

Nov 18, 2007

Aham Prema (ah-hum pray-mah) - I AM Divine Love

Saying the mantra Aham Prema (ah-hum pray-mah), Sanskrit for “I am divine love,” awakens this power within. Divine Love is the purest form of love, an emanation that enhances and cherishes one's self and others. This love empowers the development of one’s highest level of self by:

~Facilitating one’s communion with and trust in divinity and the Divine Creator*Uncovering and nurturing one’s mastery while fulfilling their divine purposes; blossoming those actions that are felt strongest in their hearts*Enabling one to relate best with and be of service to others
~Enhancing one’s experience of life and sharing the journey: injoyment, creativity, personal and universal truths, while transcending fear into love.

I have been chanting this mantra for over a week now and its been life changing. I came accross this site that I feel will empower and enlighten you to a better knowledge of Aham Prema and its gift at Look forward to hearing about your thoughts and experience.

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